MotionAds Slices Through the “Meh” with their Unmissable Booster Fin

MotionAds Slices Through the “Meh” with their Unmissable Booster Fin

The team at MotionAds is proud to announce yet another industry-first in OOH advertising – Booster Fins.

A year in the making, with countless hours spent on R&D, our eye-catching booster fins are ready to hit the streets and turn some heads!

The next level in our ‘moving billboards’, these booster fins are sure to elevate OOH campaigns and create even more brand awareness for companies looking to reach their audience in a unique way. They really are the cherry on the cake of OOH advertising on food delivery bikes!

Made from the highest quality and with durability in mind, our booster fins are custom-moulded to the delivery drivers’ top-box lids.

Super versatile, the booster fins can be used in many ways

booster fin
  • Additional branding space - Use the extra ‘real estate’ on the bike to showcase your logo, or drive a promotion or “special” for that region, or use it for a QR code for mobile activations. The sky's the limit when it comes to what you want to do with that extra space.
  • Co-branding - Collaborate with your partner company and dominate the streets of your target neighbourhood. One brand can wrap the top-box with their branding, while the other uses the booster fin. Not only does this bring greater credibility and the strength of brand collaboration, it is a great way to show how partner brands compliment each other. For example, a supermarket brands the fin with their logo, while a FMCG brand brands the top-box.

Our booster fins are more than an accessory: extra reflective tape serves to support our bid to increase road-safety - for our drivers as well as others who share the road.

The future is bright for our booster fins, with plans for illumination to light booster fins up at night. This not only serves to attract even more attention to eye-catching campaigns, but will increase driver safety at night.

Booster Fins are being rolled out to our existing fleet of bikes across South Africa and are available as an add-on to any new campaigns.

Boost your brand with our booster fins in your next campaign

How will you use our booster fins? Let’s chat!