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Nedbank Avo Logo

MotionAds runs their operation very well... they do what the say they’ll do, when they say they’ll do it. I couldn’t fault them, not in the least. In fact, they go above and beyond - sending me data, images, reports, and more. All in all, I found the team easy to work with, and the end product professionally executed. I would happily use them again.

Mark Mahoney
Logistics and eCommerce Lead
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Yoco Logo

While always looking to test unconventional ways of advertising, we stumbled upon this fresh concept of moving billboards. We immediately knew this would be a perfect fit for us... Elan and Jon went out of their way to help us out and give us the best possible service... the process was quick, flawless, and efficient... It feels like the MotionAds team really cares about getting results for your brand.

Maya Liepaz
New Region Development
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The team at MotionAds are professional, fresh, and exciting. And they are very accessible as well. The ability to pick up the phone or send an email and get a quick response is really great, especially because I'm not working with media agencies.

It feels like they have an investment in our brand. They're an innovative company with a willingness to serve…  serve their clients and their drivers.

I feel like Motion is not like other media partners I’ve worked with. They are definitely going above and beyond just selling a space.

Billie-Jean Demas
Consumer Marketing Team Lead

My overall experience was excellent and I enjoyed the honest, transparent and professional nature of the team.

What stood out for me was the analytics that we could track and dynamic exposure we received on the roads in comparison to static billboards.

It felt like we truly had a partner on our side… I would recommend MotionAds.

Billie-Jean Demas
Consumer Marketing Team Lead

Partnering with MotionAds was a no-brainer. Their values and their vision in terms of upliftment and supporting job creation is completely aligned with our philosophy as well. Working with MotionAds has been an easy ride. Not just because of their value proposition, but because they focus on elevating these these young drivers, delivering education in terms of their safe driving, understanding customers, and ongoing focus in terms of supporting their clients.

Sean Bradley
Chief Business Development Officer – Africa

The team at MotionsAds had a great approach and demeanour from day 1. They were open, honest and enthusiastic. Their passion and energy for this initiative are contagious. We enjoy working with them.

Mariantha Fryer
Head of Marketing
Sorbet Man Logo

Looking for media partners is easy. You will find many. But to find ones with perseverance, patience & ability to make magic is rare. MotionAds has been incredibly professional to work with & proactive in their approach to assist me in all of my marketing & business needs.

Sapna Naran
Head of Marketing
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Pick n Pay Logo

I appreciate MotionAds' proactive and can-do attitude. Their execution has been fast and flawless.

John Bradshaw
Group Head of Marketing
SA Waterproofing Logo

We have seen an increase in calls and leads through targeting specific areas in Johannesburg, this has been an exciting new marketing medium for us and we will definitely be using MotionAds again.

Natasha Ashokumar
Marketing Manager