SchoolHub Sets the Wheels in Motion in KZN as More Schools Go Cashless

SchoolHub Sets the Wheels in Motion in KZN as More Schools Go Cashless

SchoolHub - the innovative app developed with the school shop owner and parent in mind - has ramped up awareness in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). 

SchoolHub is the easy-to-use phone application that allows parents to place orders at the school shop, pay for civvies, buy school uniforms, pay for outings, and even manage pocket money, without the risk or hassle of sending cash to school. 

“We started developing SchoolHub about two years ago,” says Kim Botha, Sales Manager of SchoolHub, “because we saw the need for a safe and cashless platform in order to pay for our children’s school needs. We went live with our first school shop in July 2020.”

Easy Peasy Payments for Parents

While new technology can often seem daunting or difficult to use, Kim has found that any caution parents might have had about the new app quickly disappears once they experience how easy it is to use. 

Says Kim, “Once parents make the first transaction they see how easy it is to use, and they end up using it all the time! And, for those who are less tech-confident, SchoolHub has a dedicated and friendly support team to help them with every step of the transaction.”

The Tyre Hit the Tar with Hollard’s Big Ads for Small Business, and MotionAds

schoolhub hollard

“Finding the right person to speak to at each school can be a challenge,” says Kim, “but the incredible effect that Hollard’s Big Ads for Small Business has had on my queries from schools is solving that problem!”

While the app is available nationwide, Hollard’s marketing team focused on creating brand awareness in SchoolHub’s hometown of Durban through billboards and street pole ads.

MotionAds - the first OOH advertising platform that provides ad space on food delivery bikes - provided 10 delivery bikes that were wrapped in SchoolHub’s logo and messaging with MotionAds’ high-quality branding. These bikes make on average 14 deliveries per day to SchoolHub’s target audience in Durban North and the CBD, bringing SchoolHub’s message directly to their homes. Plus, they are seen daily by pedestrians and drivers in the area on a regular basis. 

The results of the collective effort have been phenomenal. 

Since April 2021 SchoolHub has received over 220 email enquiries about the app. “Now, when we get in touch with a school, there is a much bigger chance they’ve heard of us.” This greatly assists sales conversions. 

“We loved working with the MotionAds team,” says Kim in closing. “Very professional, great communicators, they are dedicated to seeing our brand get as much exposure as possible.” 

With the goal to roll out to 100 schools nationally by the end of 2021, we’re positive the SchoolHub has set the right wheels in motion to do so.

Post-campaign feedback

We caught up with Kim at the end of the campaign to hear how effective she felt the campaign was in spreading brand awareness in their targeted areas.

"The bikes - being mobile - covered a larger area, and enjoyed a longer 'read time' than billboards or street pole ads ever could," said Kim. "We saw them around a lot ourselves, and were pleasantly surprised by just how many people (friends, family, colleagues) contacted us to tell us they'd seen the bikes!"