SlaterCo Haircelerate Accelerates into Fourways

SlaterCo Haircelerate Accelerates into Fourways

SlaterCo Haircelerate, a South African hair care brand that promotes the love and care of hair, is driven to promote healthy hair and confident women. By creating and providing products that assist in hair growth, hair health, and hair care, and giving information that answers questions about hair care, Haircelerate is on a mission to transform the local hair market.  

Founded and powered by sisters Berenice Slater and Jo-Ann Stanley from their base in Joburg, Haircelarate sells and delivers their products nationwide through their online store. 

Says Berenice, “Growing up in a community and culture where hair was always a topic of discussion, I struggled to be defined as the one with “good hair” or “bad hair”. I became focused on understanding hair, and found that everyone actually has good hair, provided they understand their own hair type, and how to take care of it.”

Great hair is a click away

After much research and discovery, the sisters formulated a power packed hair vitamin supplement as they found that hair is best nurtured from the inside out. 

And Haircelerate was born! 

Since their start in 2018, more products have since been added such as the amazing 5-in-1 power packed hair oil, and an intensive Shea butter treatment. They also have satin sleep turbans to keep hair smooth and silky while you sleep, with further products in the pipeline, such as their shampoo and conditioner range.   

Not all smooth sailing

Even though the ecommerce company started out with a clear vision and great products, there were challenges to deal with from the get-go. “We started out with very little capital,” says Berenice, “and our finances was and remains the first challenge we have had to overcome. However, we pushed through!”

Additionally, like many other small businesses, the pandemic had a direct impact on their packaging suppliers. “We’ve had to change our entire look as a result of the unreliable packaging suppliers in this period.” Ever positive and optimistic, however, the sisters shrugged this off as a ‘hiccup’ and continued pressing forward with passion and determination.

“We’ve adopted a positive attitude toward every challenge and tackle them one at a time,” says Jo-Ann.  

Gaining traction with Hollard’s Big Ads for Small Business 


One of the marketing challenges the sisters face is to gain consumer trust and brand awareness in an already saturated haircare market. 

When Haircelerate was successful in Hollard’s Big Ads for Small Business campaign, the sisters felt they had a foot in the door. “It was so incredible and we greatly welcomed it!”

MotionAds is part of the outdoor advertising campaign strategy deployed by Hollard’s marketing team. MotionAds - the innovative company that brands food delivery bikes with 3rd party ads - branded 10 bikes that circulate in the Fourways and Bryanston areas. The sisters spent time with each driver, showing them the Hairelerate products and explaining the campaign details to them.

Now, every time people order take-away food, the Haircelerate-branded bikes hit the streets. Not only does this grow brand-awareness, but also breeds success, as each bike could be perceived as yet another delivery of Haircelerate’s products in the area.

As a result of these efforts, Haircelerate has noticed an increase in followers and sales. “We are immensely grateful!”

The sisters have also received photos of acquaintances getting their takeaways delivered to their house with their branded bikes. “The bikes create such a buzz,” says Jo-Ann, “and when customers ask the drivers about the branding on their bike, they are always ready to explain what it's all about, and redirect queries to our website.”

The future's hair

The future’s here, the future is hair, and it is positive. In spite of the challenges of COVID, the sisters are determined to see even more South African women from all walks of life feel great about their hair. 

“We hope that SlaterCo Haircelerate will become a well-known brand in South Africa,” says Berenice, “and the world at large.” Jo-Ann concludes, “We hope to inspire ladies who have had challenges similar to ours, and remind them that, with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible!”