get/Worth reaches the unreachable with MotionAds to engage their target audience

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Campaign Snapshot


get\Worth opened their flagship car showroom in Cape Town’s northern suburbs a year ago.

They were looking for a way to access potential customers who live in the area around the showroom, improve their brand awareness, and drive more feet to the showroom while also getting these potential customers to complete an online car valuation.

The challenge was that a significant percentage of their target market live in secured estates, where direct reach was not an option.

But with MotionAds it was.

Our drivers are welcomed through the booms of these secured estates all day every day. And they’re greeted at the front by get\Worth’s potential customer base.

We branded the top boxes and booster fins of 30 delivery bikes, so get\Worth could be visible when delivering the goods inside and outside of the estates.

And we facilitated a flyer campaign, bringing get\Worth’s collateral to the kitchen table – increasing brand awareness and driving prospective clients to their website.

The results from the initial campaign were positive, so get\Worth not only renewed their contract, but upgraded to a 12-month “Always On” campaign.

About our Client

Founded in 2017, get\Worth buys cars from the public and sells them back to consumers looking for quality used vehicles. 

They have a disruptive, tech-focused approach to the 2nd hand car market. Their focus is on creating unique products and processes specifically designed to help consumers buy right and sell smart.

get/Worth is known for its platinum-level customer service, data-based pricing models, money-back guarantees, and get/More offers – a patented financial product designed to share the profits when they sell a customer’s car to the next buyer.

We love the way get/Worth does business.

And MotionAds is the perfect partner for a company that values innovative thinking and disruptive solutions.

get\Worth’s Challenge

In January 2022 get\Worth opened its flagship showroom in Cape Town’s northern suburbs.

Their Marketing team was looking to accomplish three goals:

  1. Bring their new showroom to the attention of people in the surrounding areas
  2. Find a way to reach target audiences that they haven’t been able to access via conventional advertising mediums
  3. Increase general brand awareness

A significant segment of get/Worth’s target audience is individuals who live in secured estates within the notoriously hard-to-penetrate northern suburbs.

This was challenging for get/Worth because they knew where their potential clients lived but couldn't reach them.  

Why MotionAds?

Because we can get our clients access to places very few others can… Through the booms of these secured estates, and right to the kitchen table.

Our partnership with UberEats and their couriers ensures that our clients' branding and promotional material are welcomed into high-security estates all day, every day.

And more importantly, they’re greeted at the front door by get\Worth's target audience.

We are able to micro-target our branded bikes and flyer combo to specific suburbs that contain a high volume of estates.

That means the get\Worth brand would be seen delivering the goods both inside and outside the secured estates’ gates for months on end.

This brand repetition is key in such a competitive market. By staying visible, the brand remains top of mind so that when next selling a car, a prospective client will subconsciously think they better get what it’s worth.

get/Worth also loved the ability to move bikes around to different areas according to seasonal behaviour.

Plus, our bike reports showed the impact they’re creating, offering many insights and greater peace of mind for their marketing team.

What MotionAds delivered

Phase 1 Campaign

1. Flyers to the kitchen table

We delivered 25 743 get\Worth branded flyers alongside every take-out order.

The flyers had a QR code that linked customers to a free online vehicle evaluation.

As a reward for completing the evaluation, they would be entered into a weekly competition for a R1000 UberEats voucher.

These flyers drove leads and website visits and as the campaign continued, the get\Worth team realized that these flyers were also a great opportunity to educate prospective customers about their unique selling points and the true value one can get from buying/selling a car through them.

2. Branded bikes

We branded top boxes and booster fins of 30 bikes that were seen in high LSM neighbourhoods around SA.

The campaign began with 10 bikes in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs.

And due to the positive early results, get/Worth added 20 bikes to the Midrand and Waterfall regions of Johannesburg to help spread the word and drive foot traffic to the planned new showroom in that area.

‍The first three months of the campaign resulted in 133 179 branded km.

“Now that one of our main competitors has opened in the Richwood area, it attracts more feet to the area. We are satisfied to know that if anyone orders UberEats, a get\Worth bike will pull in. This was part of our on-the-ground community strategy to infiltrate the area in other ways than just having a large warehouse.”

Mariantha Fryer,  Head of Marketing, get\Worth

3. Social impact and driver upliftment 

get\Worth’s advertising campaign facilitated 30 UberEats driver partners to earn an additional income.

This has a huge impact on these drivers’ lives, as you can see in this video.

“The medium provided is innovative and refreshing and the social upliftment and entrepreneurial side of it is something we as a brand want to associate with.”

– Mariantha Fryer,  Head of Marketing, get\Worth

Always On Campaign extension 

The results from the initial campaign were so positive that get\Worth not only renewed their contract, but upgraded to a 12-month “Always On” campaign.

Running from October 2022 - October 2023, this campaign focuses exclusively on the Western Cape.

An Always On campaign is a great upgrade option for renewing clients.

It provides unique, adaptable branding and advertising opportunities to keep your brand top of mind all year long, and gives you the ability to iterate and adapt according to different areas and incoming leads.

And compared to other OOH advertising options, it’s inexpensive and high-impact.

The added benefits of an Always On campaign are:

  • Quarterly swarm of bikes.
  • Bring dozens of bikes together in one location. Perfect for activations or to get a lot of impressions and make an impact, fast.
  • Monthly changes to flyer artwork.
  • Keeps flyers engaging, and allows you to experiment with different direct marketing strategies.
  • Top box artwork changes every 4 months.
  • Keeps the top boxes pristine and allows you to refresh their look to tie into seasonal campaigns.
  • Quarterly suburb shifts every 4 months.
  • Use our tracking dashboard to identify the hotspots, or spots where there is less penetration. Then “walk” their bikes to capitalise on these new zones at no additional cost.
  • Drivers can deliver food or gifts to your key partners/clients to add a personal touch.
get/Worth bike at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Quotes from our happy client

“Their approach and demeanour from day 1 was open, honest and enthusiastic – they are passionate about the initiative, and their energy and positivity are contagious. We enjoy working with them.”

Mariantha Fryer, Head of Marketing, get\Worth

“I really have a good feeling with these on-the-ground activities. With loadshedding becoming a major crisis, this is the one mobile option which will still be utilised and visible.”

Mariantha Fryer, Head of Marketing, get\Worth

The Results

  • MotionAds played an important part of get\Worth’s 360 marketing efforts that helped them to gain a substantial increase in website traffic.
  • Created memorable exposure to their target demographics.
  • Enabled meaningful likes, shares, and comments on get/Worth’s LinkedIn and social media accounts.
  • Senior managers all support and like the initiative.
  • Staff, suppliers, family, friends, and clients would often talk about seeing a bike and share the pictures they took.
  • Positive impact on 30 micro-enterprises and their families.

Want MotionAds to assist with your next campaign? Contact us to learn how we can help drive your brand to new heights.

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