MotionAds helps Travel Wings achieve lift off in SA and empower micro-enterprises to soar

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Campaign Snapshot


Travel Wings, the online travel agency, started their expansion into Africa in 2022.

They were looking for high-value, low-cost advertising to promote their brand in the South African market, and a way to put their corporate social responsibility goals into action.

MotionAds helped Travel Wings hit two birds with one stone: Great advertising reach AND community upliftment.

Our branded delivery bikes facilitated three marketing campaign strategies:

  1. OOH advertising in high-value areas
  2. Flyers attached to Uber Eats deliveries offering targeted promotions and brand awareness
  3. Digital engagement via a “spot the bike” Facebook competition 

In addition, Travel Wings put their commendable CSR ideals into action by enabling 40 of our affiliated micro-enterprise drivers an additional monthly income to further provide for their families and communities.

Not only did Travel Wings have 100 000+ real-world impressions throughout the 6-month campaign, but they also received 100 000+ online views by featuring their positive impact on our drivers on social media.

The initial Travel Wings campaign was so successful they immediately extended for another three months with plans to further extend at the end of 2022.

About Travel Wings

Travel Wings is a leading online tourism brand with over 25 years of experience in the travel and hospitality domain. Based in Dubai, they are driven by the vision to take customers through a journey without boundaries or limitations & to be the world's most recognised and trusted e-commerce tourism companies.

Travel Wings have expanded their offerings to Africa. They are looking to build recognition and credibility as Africa’s largest online travel agency, offering the best deals on flights and travel packages.

Travel Wings’ Challenge

Travel Wings came to us looking for an engaging, high-yield way to promote their brand in the South African market. 

They wanted to increase brand awareness in high LSM areas and get more affluent users on their site – the frequent flyers who would book the exceptional vacation deals that Travel Wings are known for. 

On a macro-level, their tourism-focused company was also looking to have a positive effect on the South African economy after dwindling visitor numbers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

They were interested in expanding their scope and finding new ways to make a measurable change in communities, stimulate business, and make a meaningful contribution to GDP beyond their impact on the tourism industry.

Why MotionAds?

Through our discussions with the Travel Wings team, we demonstrated that our delivery bikes and the entrepreneurs driving them were the perfect answer to their challenges. 

MotionAds offered a way to get two birds with one stone: Community upliftment and multi-pronged advertising approach.

Job creation was one of the most high-leverage ways to achieve their macro-level goals. By using a platform like ours to elevate and support young delivery bike drivers, Travel Wings would be directly supporting job creation and empowering these hard-working delivery drivers to give back to their communities.

And from an advertising perspective, MotionAds would tick all the boxes by offering a triple-pronged strategy:

1. Out of Home Advertising

  • Our branded top boxes and booster fins act as eye-catching moving billboards in targeted areas around the country.
  • These would be seen by thousands of eyeballs from unique consumers every day.
  • The messaging on each box is tailored to suit the city. For example, bikes in Joburg would advertise travel to Cape Town, and bikes in Cape Town would advertise travel deals to the Bush.

2. Advertising Flyers to the kitchen table

  • Our drivers attach Travel Wings flyers to every take-out order they deliver. 
  • This direct marketing campaign got their brand into the heart of the home, enhancing brand awareness and recognition.
  • Special discount coupons and competitions drive even more engagement and site visits.
  • QR codes allow for measurable insights into the efficacy of the campaign. 

3. Social Media Content

  • Footage of our drivers and their branded bikes could be used for dynamic and impactful social media campaigns.
  • We organised drivers and shoots to document the campaign and proudly share the content.  

What MotionAds delivered

The first campaign ran from February - May 2022.

Travel Wings immediately renewed with us for a further 3 months from May - August 2022.

1. OOH advertising

We branded 40 bikes that were seen in high LSM neighbourhoods around SA.

  • 20 bikes in Joburg
  • 10 bikes in Centurion
  • 10 bikes in Cape Town 

In total we drove 480 000km + over 6 months. 

2. Flyers to the kitchen table

In total, we delivered just under 85 000 branded flyers over 6 months.

The 1st round was aimed at general brand awareness and featured a QR link to the Travel Wings website.

The 2nd round offered a 5% discount off all flights and a QR code link to the website.

3. Social Media Content

Our drivers proved to be a great subject for engaging social media content.

Travel Wings created two campaigns, predominately showcased on Facebook, namely:

Spot the bike

  • 210k + views
  • Competition
  • Increased brand engagement and awareness

Mandela Day

Increased brand engagement and awareness

  • 22k + views
  • CSR campaign
  • Highlighting Travel Wings’ dedication to supporting our drivers and helping them uplift their communities
  • Allowed Travel Wings to enter the Mandela Day conversation online

What our happy client had to say

“Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our DNA.

It is about upliftment within communities through creating job opportunities. 

We have a responsibility to create these platforms where we can elevate young people to become entrepreneurs and create a better future for them and their families.

MotionAds was a logical partnership that we entered into. Their values and their vision in terms of upliftment and supporting job creation is completely aligned with our philosophy as well. 

Working with MotionAds has just been an easy ride. 

In terms of the value proposition, and in terms of the way that the focus is actually around these young drivers, the educational component that is also delivered in terms of their safe driving, understanding customers, and ongoing focus in terms of supporting the brands.”
Sean Bradley
Chief Business Development Officer - Africa.

The Results

  • Great optics and reach for Travel Wings brand with 200 000+ engagements and views
  • Positive impact on 40 micro-entrepreneurs and their families
  • Renewed for further 3 months after 1st campaign
  • In discussions to renew again for an end of year campaign

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Campaign Snapshot