How Atlas Finance Turned Delivery Bike Drivers Into An Affiliate Network To Drive Sales

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Campaign Snapshot

Atlas Finance - the family-oriented micro-finance company that provides personal loans approached MotionAds to help grow their customer base. They were specifically looking to reach lower income earners based in the West Rand of Johannesburg, and those in Joburg South.

However, the challenge was that the pandemic was keeping everyone indoors, rendering typical OOH channels useless.

The challenge

“During lockdown, we had to find ways to get our brand into the lives of our clients and our market without them having to leave their offices or home,” said Candice Richards, the Senior Marketing Manager of Atlas Finance.

Why delivery bike drivers?

Atlas Finance reached out to MotionAds as the ideal solution. “Together with the fact that takeaways became such an essential part of lockdown-life,” said Candice, “we thought that MotionAds provided the perfect platform to get our brand out there in a relatively inexpensive way.  

Delivery bike drivers are able to reach a target audience in locations that conventional mediums would typically struggle to reach as they deliver to the customer’s front door. Additionally, MotionAds distributed sales force strategy turns every delivery bike driver into your very own field agent.

How MotionAds turned delivery bike drivers into sales reps

“Atlas Finance often uses our delivery bikes for brand awareness with our top box branding offering,” said Jon from MotionAds. “However, to reach the specific goals they were after, they agreed to try something different. Delivery bike drivers are ideal field sales agents for lower income groups, considering the easy access they have to networks of people who need personal loans.”


●     First, our vetted delivery drivers were upskilled and trained to be effective field sales agents.

●     Then, we gave our drivers all the product and service information they needed so that they were well-versed on the personal loans products and services on offer.

●     Drivers were given Atlas Finance flyers that would be attached to each and every delivery.

●     Each driver was then given a unique code so that commissions for any successful loan applications could be tracked and set aside for that particular driver.

●     Then, they hit the streets! Armed with knowledge, informative flyers, and a strong desire to sell, they used every opportunity to speak with peers about the product offering.


This strategy is highly effective if the goal is to target lower-income earners and drive sales or acquisition in their local areas.

The results

atlas finance delivery bike ads

The campaign - which ran as a trial for one month - resulted in the following:


●     43 920 kms covered by 20drivers

●     8 540 hand-delivered brochures with each delivery.

●     72,9% ROI in terms of revenue generated


“The drivers have never been more engaged than when Atlas Finance sales manager was there explaining how it all works,” recalls Jon. 

“We were very happy with this trial and will continue using MotionAds.” said Candice.

“We have stringent qualifying criteria that customers need to meet in order to be granted a personal loan so we are happy with the conversion rate.”


The successful loan applications generated through the drivers’ efforts are for Atlas Finance customers to fund their children’s education, or start or expand small businesses.

What Atlas Finance has to say about MotionAds

When asked why Atlas Finance prefers to work with MotionAds for delivery bike advertising, Candice said, “I like that one can scale one’s exposure according to one’s budget. It is not an “all or nothing” exercise. This creates a great way to test, tweak and expand without risking a huge amount of money.”

Atlas Finance also mentioned that they find great value in the direct access they have to Elan as a co-owner of MotionAds, and how they feel his passion to see MotionAds and our delivery bike drivers succeed is what fuels his unrelenting commitment to his clients’ success.

“Our experience with MotionAds has been excellent. Elan is hands on, close to both his drivers and his clients and is constantly seeking out opportunities for both.”

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Campaign Snapshot