YOCO: The Easiest Way to Unlock a New City

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Campaign Snapshot

The marketing team at Yoco, South Africa’s leading point of sale company, was tasked to develop a new region for their services: Pretoria East and Centurion.

As innovators in the digital payment space, they were looking for an out of home (OOH) advertising solution that was as fast, excellent, and effective as their payment solution.


Maya Liepaz, Yoco’s New Region Development manager, “While always looking to test unconventional ways of advertising, we stumbled upon this fresh concept of moving billboards. We immediately knew this would be a perfect fit for us.”


The Yoco team met with Jon and Elan to iron out the goals and deliverables of the campaign. “We had a few great meetings where both Elan and Jon went out of their way to help us out and give us the best possible service.”


The goals were clear:

●     Increase brand awareness in the new areas

●     Drive new leads and enquiries in the region

●     Attract new customers

●     Reduce the cost of acquiring thesenew customers

●     Inspire word of mouth through our unique medium


“Within no time we had everything set up for us and ready to go. The process was quick, flawless, and efficient,” says Maya.


The campaign deployed the branded food delivery bikes in the Pretoria East and Centurion area.


“These bikes deliver takeaways that are ordered on South Africa’s most popular food ordering apps,” says Elan, “which directly targets the Yoco key demographic.”

The campaign would run for three months, with each bike undergoing regular inspections to ensure they looked as good as the day they were wrapped.


“We’re also really committed to improving the lives of the drivers we use,” says Elan, “so we check in regularly with them to make sure they’re not only making a little extra money with every delivery, but that they understand the campaign they are part of.”


The results? Nearly 13,000 kms travelled, and close to 3,000 face-to-face interactions with the target LSM in Centurion and Pretoria East.


“We loved getting the monthly reports, photos, and valuable insights from the drivers,” says Maya. “It feels like theMotionAds team really cares about getting results for your brand.”


With a cost savings of 70% when compared with billboards, and a trackable measurement on ROI, it is clear to see why Yoco chose MotionAds as the easiest way, most competitive way to infiltrate a new region.

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Campaign Snapshot